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Electronic Sleep is focused on creating music with beautiful melody, creative bass, interesting compositions and unique drum patterns. Electronic Sleep is an electronic musician and digital artist that is currently living in San Francisco.

I started making electronic music in 1996 using a bass guitar, drum machine and computer. Pulling influences from all different musical genres and releasing many albums on my own using some hardware a computer, drum machines and synthesizers.

I used to play in bass guitar in mathcore bands Existi and In-Absentia

Been working on a collective called Memory Echo, I uploaded a new techno mix on MixCloud, and have many album downloads on Bandcamp and on the music page.

Also working on a 3D interactive visualization project, painting and working on getting a workshop and creating unique shows at art galleries and record stores to share my ideas and visual art at shows: Here is a new demo of the interaction recorded to a song of mine and here is an example of my previous 3d graphics work... Upcoming shows!

Electronic Sleep is an electronic music producer and artist in SF Bay. Electronic Sleep is a project with focus on beautiful melody, creative bass, interesting compositions and unique drum patterns; creating a musical story with sound. A Project with a focus on music technology, art, making music with hardware, software and creating a unique sound experience.

Just released a new CD you can read about it on the news or contact me here for more info on how to get it.

Descriptions of Electronic Sleep: Diverse future beat, experimental psychedelic experience, drone thinking music, relaxing evolving sounds, experimental electronic music, galaxy creative beats, movie soundtrack, eerie atmospheric, bass jazz influenced electronic music, strangely uplifting sounds, space chaos, diverse electronic experiments, madness wave music, prehistoric darkness elegance from outer space, healing idea music, acid techno, braindance, idm, relaxing sleep music and meditative sound.

Electronic Sleep has four free mp3 downloads: music page.

Influences: Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Chris Clark, Bonobo, Luke Vibert, Juan Atkins, Phuture, Ceephax, Mike Paradinas, Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, Plaid, Dave Monolith, Kid606, Flying Lotus, Teebs, Com Truise, Wisp, Boxcutter, Oval.

SF Bay Influences: Memory Echo, Raindance, As you like it, Housepitality, DirtyBird, Mutant Festival, 5lowershop, S.P.A.Z, Katabatik, Nexus, How Weird Festival, Thought Society, Primal Production.

Record Label Influences: Warp, Rephlex, Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder, Planet Mu, Tigerbeat6, Ghostly.

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